Our Teams

Our teams are dedicated to ensuring that schools, hospitals, and other community projects receive optimal support. We visit approximately three times a year to maintain regular communication and monitor steady progress.

Our purpose is to help our hospitals, our schools and our people back home. 

Abayam Foundation

Abayam-Foundation for Health and Education was formed by motivated group of non-medical and medical professionals and charity-minded individuals from Sri Lanka currently living in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.  

Abayam Women

Abayam’s Women’s Group is focused on empowering women’s voices in Sri Lanka and aiding those in need. This group supports and sponsors various projects to uplift communities through active participation and diverse forms of assistance.

Abayam Youth

Abayam established a Youth Forum in 2019 to support health and education in Sri Lanka. Members volunteer in educational institutions and engage in fundraising in the UK and beyond.