Major Projects

Supporting the School of Nursing at Teaching Hospital Jaffna

There is a shortage of nurses throughout Sri Lanka, but the problem is most severe in the North & East. In order to incentivise the students at the School of Nursing at Teaching Hospital Jaffna, Abayam has funded annual prizes for the best performing students in various subjects and overall.This has already had a positive effect, in the very first year Abayam has funded the awards. Here is a message from Mr S. Jeyakumar, the Nursing Tutor (see the PDF below for his full letter):

Dear Abayam members,

This time our students from final year got the first six ranks in the island-wide final year examination which was conducted by the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. 26 students from our Nursing School were ranked within the top 100.  We never, ever got such an achievement in the history of the Nursing School of Teaching Hospital Jaffna before.

We informed our students that there would  be awards  by Abayam for the  top achievers in each subject and  for the overall  best performance. So our special gratitude to Abayam.

With regards,


Renovation of Tellipalai Hospital Emergency Department in the name of late Dr Ragupathy – opened 19/04/19

Base Hospital Tellipalai is the major cancer hospital in northern Sri Lanka, and Abayam has funded much needed renovation and expansion of its Emergency Department.  This has been done in the name of one of its dedicated consultants, Dr Ragupathy, who sadly died suddenly in December 2018 of a heart attack, aged 44.

Development and running of four Community Medical Clinics and Education Centres

In conjunction with Sivapoomi Trust, Abayam has developed donated land in Annaicoddai, Iyachachi and Myliddy, for community Medical Clinic and Education Centres. A fourth clinic has been running from a community hall in Uduthurai since 2021. These centres are staffed by local doctors and ancillary staff, to provide drop-in medical general practice care at a heavily subsidised rate, with a referral pathway to Teaching Hospital Jaffna for investigations and specialist consultations.  In addition, Abayam volunteer doctors from the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, etc, have co-conducted specialist clinics with the local doctor, as well as provided health education events for the public.

First Abayam Medical Clinic and Education Centre, Annaicodai, March 2019

Second Abayam Clinic opens in Iyakachchi, March 2020

Third Abayam Clinic opens in Myliddy, February 2021

New mobile clinic Uduthurai, 2021

Abayam’s Mental Health telephone helpline

In response to the high suicide rate, Abayam launched a Mental Health telephone helpline in December 2020, manned 24/7 by doctors and the Abayam Counsellor.

Teaching life skills to school pupils – Abayam School Student Empowerment workshops

Abayam has developed a training module to enhance the life skills of school pupils, to help them become responsible citizens. The faculty members will be both local and overseas educationalists. The scheme has been launched, with a workshop at Nelliady Central College on 9th September 2019 for 150 A-Level students and at Kokuvil Hindu College on 10th September 2019 for 60 O-Level students.

Feedback from students:
” Helped us to understand the learning methods and we will definitely implement them in future”
“Helped to boost our self confidence”
“This is the first time we had a session regarding how to study and it really helped us”
“A motivational session”
“Helped to identify the weakness and strength in ourself and the importance of helping others ”

” Games were exciting and session was very helpful”

“We need more similar sessions”

Feedback from teachers:

“Resource persons were very good and well equipped”

“An appropriate session for Jaffna students”

“We need more sessions”

The programme was launched in the Eastern Province on 12th November 2019 at BT/Kirankulam, BT/Thalankudah and BT/Puthukudiyirupu.

Providing essential supplies for pregnant women

Abayam and its sub-group, Abayam Women, have been providing packs of essential supplies for pregnant women in deprived, rural areas in EP and NP.

Women’s Empowerment Projects

Abayam has found sponsors to support women’s home employment empowerment projects, in collaboration with the organisation, New Arow. These projects include cashew nut processing and home weaving.

On-going, smaller projects

Hospitals and other healthcare establishments:

  1. Donation of equipment, books and medicines and funding small infrastructural projects
  2. Teaching and training doctors and nurses in medical and nursing subjects and clinical skills development
  3. Teaching and training doctors and nurses in non-clinical professional development skills.

Medical schools/ Faculties:

  1. Teaching and training medical students in their medical subjects
  2. Teaching non-clinical professional development skills

 Nursing Schools:

  1. Teaching and training nurses
  2. Supporting and promoting nursing education by rewarding nursing students (see Major Projects above)
  3. Championing the nursing profession to school students and to the general public and advocating nursing as a career


  1. Funding small infrastructural projects, eg construction of a well for safe drinking water
  2. Providing nutritional support for pupils in very remote and poor areas
  3. Donating bicycles to pupils in deprived, remote areas, for travel to school
  4. Supporting development of the teaching skills of the teachers
  5. Conducting ‘teaching the teachers’ courses
  6. Conducting scholarship exam classes for pupils
  7. Promoting digital learning
  8. Conducting English classes for pupils
  9. Conducting career advice and self-motivational and confidence building classes for the pupils
  10. Identifying sponsors and donors to provide funding for larger projects for these schools
  11. Twinning small, remote schools with large, better resourced secondary schools in the North & East

General public:

  1. Conducting health educational events (see Major Projects above)
  2. Conducting free medical camps jointly by both local and visiting professionals.

Below you can read and download the reports on Abayam’s trips to the North and East of Sri Lanka to date: