Hospitals Supported in Sri Lanka

Aug 2019 Tellipalai Hospital – ultrasound scanner donated to Dr Saravanabhava by Abayam

Teaching and Training Medical Students, nurses, nursing students and doctors

Schools visited and selected for support

Support for schools during COVID pandemic

Kaddaikadu School, Killinochchi (project taken over by Late Ranjee Acca, Mr Sriranjan’s sister, fully funded by the Guneswaran family)

Abayam School Student Empowerment Project

School of Nursing, Jaffna Hospital

Manipay Road, Annaicoddai, Community Medical Clinic and Medical Education Unit Project

Abayam’s second Medical Clinic opened in Iyakachchi, March 2020

Abayam’s third medical clinic, opened in Myliddy in February 2021

Abayam’s clinic, Uduthurai, Iyakachchi region, opened 2021

Abayam’s Mental Health telephone helpline, launched in December 2020

Tellipalai Hospital Late Dr Ragupathy Emergency Unit (EU) Project – opened on 19/04/19

Medical camps and other community care activities and projects